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The following publications are considering different aspects of the healthcare market and healthcare management. Please request the desired publications under: contact. Please be aware that the publications are written in german. Thank you.

  • Pocket Guides

          Pocket Guide für Klinikärzte
          Die AR-DRG's als Grundlage für ein Deutsches DRG-System
          Described is the Australian DRG System and how the system could be adopted
          to the german hospitals

          Pocket Guide für Krankenhausapotheker
          Stabilität trotz Wandel
          How can pharmacists fit the system, what is their job within the new system?

          Pocket Guide für das Krankenhaus
          G-DRGs: Professionell zum Krankenhauserfolg
          DRGs put some pressure on the hospital market, the hospital world is changing radically.

  • Article: Apotheke und Krankenhaus

  • Article: Management und Krankenhaus

  • Article: behave

  • Newsletter Fokus Healthcare (monthly paper, editor: Barbara Stutzke)

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